Hiring Operation Specialist/ Supply Chain Specialist

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Job Location: Fontana, CA
Employer Name: Bloomsung, Inc.

Job description: Will be responsible for overseeing supply chain activities related to and involving purchasing, transportation, inventory and warehousing. Will manage warehouse operation procedures and work with team to develop frameworks to collect, analyze and report on warehouse operation performance. Will additionally maintain databases, including their structure, input, and accuracy, and will work with the accounting team to process weekly invoices and develop payment systems to ensure accuracy of vendor payments. Will also monitor industry standards, trends, or practices to identify developments in logistics planning or execution and manage inventory life cycle from design to disposal. Additional responsibilities will include:

• Direct the allocation of materials, supplies, and products;
• Develop business relationships with suppliers and clients;
• Understand clients’ needs and how to meet them;
• Review logistical functions and identify areas for improvement;
• Propose strategies to minimize the cost or time required to transport goods.

Requirements: Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Business Analytics, Supply Chain, Information Technology Management, or closely related field. Additionally, e-commerce, warehousing, and logistics businesses, and experience in e-commerce, supply chain or software product development is preferred. Solid product design skills, proficient in using software tools such as Axure, Xmind, Visio, etc., and experience in project management tools such as Tencent TAPD or Jira is preferred.

Send resume, salary requirements and references to info@bloomsung.com.